1. Vendor Application
  2. Vendor Event Regulations


Dear Vendor:

The Village of Hanover Park invites you to participate in the 60th Anniversary Family Fest. This Fest promises to be better than ever – food tent, beer garden, great music, children’s entertainment and more.  Sign up now to participate in this exciting event.

Each space is 10’ x 10’.  The Village provides the tent, a 6-foot table, two chairs, electricity, water, and lighting.  Enclosed please find an application form and informational brochure.  Carefully review the application. Vendors are required to return completed application, with a check payable to the Village of Hanover Park, c/o 60th Anniversary Family Fest, to the attention of Sue Krauser, Manager’s Office.

 All applicable sections of the form must be appropriately checked off and filled in to be considered completed.  The check amount must include all applicable fees.  Incomplete forms and/or incorrect check amounts will not be accepted and will be returned.

Please call me at 630-823-5611 if you have questions or require additional information.  Thank you for your support and participation.


David Webb

Deputy Village Manager