Community & Economic Development


The Community and Economic Development Department is primarily responsible for activities related to economic development, planning and zoning, and being a Staff liaison to the CONECT Committee and the Development Commission.

There are many other tasks that the Community and Economic Development Department is responsible for within each development. Following are the tasks that the department is responsible for broken down by area.


Business Recruitment

Business recruitment efforts include:

  • Attend International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) events, Chamber events, conferences/seminars, call potential businesses
  • Maintain the Available Sites database
  • Match requirements of retailers to properties that are available within the community
  • Pair up with other organizations to promote entrepreneurship within the Village

Business Retention

The Community and Economic Development Department undertakes the following measures to retain businesses:

  • Connect resources and information to local business owners
  • Host one-on-one meetings with business owners
  • Keep businesses informed on current projects within the Village through the CONECT Committee meetings and events
  • Maintain mailing lists for information dispersion (developer’s/broker’s list, property/business owner’s list, shopping center/property manager list)
  • Update the online Business Directory
  • Conduct a Business Retention Survey

Marketing the Village

Village marketing efforts include:

  • Attend/represent the Village in regional meetings
  • Develop brochures to distribute at conferences, seminars, meetings and online
  • Ensure all application forms and handouts are available online
  • Host Developer’s/Broker’s Breakfast and Tour

CONECT Committee Staff Liaison

The CONECT Committee staff liaison does the following:

  • Business After Hours (February)
  • Conduct welcome visits for new businesses
  • Coordinate Ribbon Cuttings
  • Hold special events to promote community organizations and local businesses
  • Host meetings with business owners
  • Present pertinent information to small business owners
  • Realtor and Business Reception (November)

Represent the Village

Members of the Community and Economic Development department do the following at regional events:

  • Attend chamber events and various seminars sponsored by DuPage Mayors and Manager’s Conference, Choose DuPage, Illinois Development Council, ICSC, etc.
  • Distribute marketing materials and other information at the ICSC and Chamber events

TIF Administration & Reporting

Employees of the Community and Economic Development Department do the following tasks related to TIF:

  • Conduct meetings with the Joint Review Board Committee Members (JRBs)
  • Responsible for TIF administration and the annual TIF district reports

To learn more about TIF administration and TIF Plans, click here

Continuous Learning

Employees of the Community and Economic Development Department conduct courses, seminars, and conferences related to economic development.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Communicate with the business sector
  • Conduct various market studies
  • Connect resources to our local businesses
  • Maintain membership with ICSC


Process Rezonings, Variations, Subdivisions, Planned Unit Developments (Pud), & Text Amendments to the Zoning Ordinance

The petitions require research and analysis of the request versus the impact of approval of the proposed change. Our department coordinates the plan review and comments from other departments and commissions on planning and zoning petitions (Public Works, Inspectional Services, Fire and Police).

Text amendments can be initiated either by the Village Board, the Development Commission or staff. Amendments require research and analysis of codes of the surrounding municipalities to ensure our requirements are complementary with our neighbors. Recently, we adopted several amendments to the Zoning Code in order to align with current development trends and to advance the Comprehensive Plan.

Guide Applicants Through the Entitlement Process/Review New Development

Guide applicants through the Development Review process if the development requires zoning relief for rezoning, variation, special use, subdivision, or Planned Unit Development. If no zoning relief is required, then building permits for all work proposed are reviewed and approved for code compliance. 

The Community & Economic Development department holds meetings with the applicant and coordinates meetings with the Development Review Committee consisting of staff from every reviewing department.

Process Improvements

Concept Plan Review

The Village offers a Concept Plan Review process, which allows the applicant an opportunity to gather feedback from our Development Commission and/or Village Board prior to making a full application which could require significant investment of time and money. We also identify any foreseeable issues, and based on feedback, ensure these are incorporated in the final design when submitted. Please call the department phone number for more information.

Pre-Application Meeting

The Village requires a pre-application meeting with staff from the Fire/Inspectional Services Deptarement, Public Works-Engineering Division, and Community Development to discuss the proposed project, identify any issues that may require amendments, address missing information, go over the submittal requirements, assess any required zoning relief and explain the development review process and the building permit process. Staff prepares an agenda and maps, takes meeting notes, and distributes to all in attendance to enable clear understanding of process and requirements, and whom to call for questions.

Long & Short Range Planning

Both long and short range planning efforts include the following tasks:

  • Updated the Comprehensive Plan (RFP, consultant selection, meetings, process, etc.)
  • Implement and continuously evaluate the Village Center/Transit Oriented Development Plan

Both plans were multi-year processes that involved significant public input, coordinating with the consultants who were contracted to prepare the study, multiple meetings with ad-hoc committees, our Village Board and Planning & Zoning Commission.

As staff to the Development Commission, we research information, and draft guidelines/requirements for various sections of the Zoning Code (Chapter 110 of the Municipal code)

Zoning Code Administration

Efforts involving zoning code administration include:

  • Answer questions related to the code
  • Propose text amendments to make the code user friendly and easier to administer
  • Review and Interpret the code
  • Review building permits for compliance with the Code

Serve as the Development Commission Staff Liaison

Employees of the Community and Economic Development Department act as Development Commission Staff Liaisons and do the following:

  • Coordinate the review and approval of all development petitions
  • Preparation, research and analysis for workshops the Commission holds
  • Prepare all the documentation and staff reports for Planning and Zoning petitions
  • Prepare text amendments for the Development Commission

Information dispersion

Information dispersion efforts include:

  • Maintain FAQs on the web
  • Pre-Application Meetings
  • Respond to inquiries from residents, property owners, business owners, developers, other agencies, other departments, commissioners and board members via the phone, correspondence, email and counter
  • Update application forms


Mapping efforts done by the department include:

  • Create maps for development proposals, pre-app meetings, and various projects.
  • Respond to mapping inquiries
  • Update the Zoning Map annually with assistance from Public Works/DuPage GIS


Annexation efforts undertaken by the department include:

  • Annexation requests involve the following steps, though no annexations have been processed recently:
  • Circulate Mylar for signature
  • Making sure a complete and accurate application is filed y with assistance from Public Works/DuPage GIS

Other Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate with other agencies including IDOT, IEPA, Choose DuPage, MWRD, Cook County and DuPage County.
  • Coordinate with other departments within the village
  • Review new development proposals